Palm olein is a fraction of refined deodorized palm oil with high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It is used as fat for frying, in production of combined oil for plasticity improvement, in confectionery and bakery industries as an additive to dough. Melting temperature is 20-24 °С. Taste and flavor are neutral. Palm olein obtained a wide circulation as highly viable oil for frying. Because of high content of tocopherols it is more economic in use as it possesses high resistance to oxidation in comparison to rapeseed and sunflower oil. In addition to this it doesn`t tincture any tallowy flavor to the product in the process of frying.

The advantages of using palm olein in production:
• it allows to exclude the rejection of the ready product due to burnt deposit
• it allows to reduce oil consumption during the frying process
• finished product doesn’t have any foreign flavor
• it gives homogeneous bright golden color to confectionery products
• it has low degree of foaming
• it is easy to mix with any vegetable oil

• manufacturing of margarines and spreds
• it is used for continuous or dosed industrial deep frying of patties, doughnuts, nuts, snacks, chips, French fries, instant noodles and similar products
• in bakery and confectionery industry for leavening and softening effects in the products from dough

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