Cocoa butter equivalents
Necessity to create cocoa butter replacers is caused by the fact that natural cocoa butter is very expensive and its properties are not stable that change a lot depending on cocoa beans grade. Cocoa butter replacer can be divided into three groups of products: cocoa butter equivalent (CBE), cocoa butter replacer (CBR) and cocoa butter substitute (CBS).

Equivalents of cocoa butter (CBE) are included into the group of products which have the general name "Alternatives of Cocoa butter". The advantage of equivalents of cocoa butter is the structure of triglyceride that is similar to natural fat. It allows to mix cocoa butter with CBE in all proportions and to replace with it to 50 percent of natural fat in chocolate bars, glaze, a praline, candies.

Equivalents of cocoa butter are made from fractioned palm-oil, and also oils of such exotic plants as shea nuts and Bessey Cherry, mango, shea butter tree and illipe. Use of cocoa butter equivalents allows not only to reduce the cost of chocolate products but also to stabilize chocolate made from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter equivalents allow to produce a product with all properties of natural cocoa butter but less expensive because of partial replacement of cocoa butter with the equivalents.
The product which is made by mixing of cocoa butter equivalent in quantity to 5% with natural cocoa butter, legally recognized as chocolate.

• in chocolate production
• in glaze manufacturing
• in praline manufacturing

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